1. This is a publicly registered general [Matrix] HomeServer.
  2. This server is paid and operated by rsesot.
  3. If you encounter anything (non-emergency), please contact first, because rsesot is doesn't know English.
  4. If there is any emergency, please email (highest-priority).
  5. Please abide by the directly applicable rules of the server when using SakuraChat.
  6. In order to prevent users from leaking their personal information unintentionally, the mobile phone number is always unavailable during registration and use. In order to prevent the user from being unable to reset the password after forgetting it, it's mandatory to verify the availability of the email.


  1. owner | rsesot | | | 71942EBF9F296C99

Recent Major events

  1. The login mode will be changed to Oauth2 authorized login.
  2. Files on the local server that are more than one year old will be deleted, and remote files will be deleted and refreshed every three days.
  3. Disable email notification by default.
  4. All Porn art related items will be completely deleted.
  5. Click here for more information
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